Home delivery

North America.Com provides the easiest shopping process, allowing you to enjoy safe and convenient online shopping. Before you start shopping, you can refer to the simple shopping step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Purchase products

Click the "Checkout Now" button next to the product you want to purchase, and you can proceed to checkout for this product (if you haven't logged in, the "Member Login" screen will appear).

Step 2: Click on home delivery products to check out first

Confirm the product you want to buy and the quantity specification. If it is correct, please click the "Checkout for Home Delivery Products" button to proceed with the checkout.

Step 3: Select payment method and confirm recipient information

Please select the name and address of the recipient, or fill in the special requirements for delivery. If you want to ship to a new location, please click the "Add another delivery address" button; if you want to change the existing address, please click the "Delivery Address Maintenance Page" to modify it. Select your payment method and fill in the payment information, and confirm whether the product and delivery information are correct. After confirmation, please click "Confirm Checkout" to complete the checkout!!