USPS Mail (Ground Shipping) or FedEx FedEX/UPS Shipping

For orders over $99, we offer free US domestic surface shipping. (Only the mainland of the United States has 48 states, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.)

US $99 or less for US domestic surface mail (ground shipping) we will charge US $9.95 for basic mail delivery. Choose the level of mail delivery, please use the day you can log in to the address, do not use the post office PO BOX. (If the product has a free shipping offer, this is not within this limit.)

Outside the continental United States, as well as express two-day shipping or next-day air orders, we will charge the actual shipping cost according to the shipping company. By surface mail, not applicable to PO Box

ETMALL/EASYMALL currently provides UPS and FedEx to deliver flat parcels within the United States. If you have specific shipping requirements from the company, please leave a message in the email. If there is no message, we will choose the fastest receipt for you to receive the package.

All express orders must be received by 12 noon on the date of the order received. Orders after 12:00 noon will be shipped the next business day. All shipments are delivered to the post office using USPS (United States Postal Service), and we charge the actual shipping fee according to the USPS website priority mail standard.

U.S. Domestic Order Shipping Method and Shipping Rate Reference Table

Shipping $99 or less - US surface mail is US FedEx standard mail (if the product is free shipping, this is not the limit) $99 + free shipping outside the consecutive US or two-day/next-day air shipping according to shipping standards The official website of US/International Postal Shipping is based on the standard of the official website, if you want to know your actual shipping cost, please call our customer service hotline at 1-800-978-8990.

U.S. domestic order shipping time reference table

The following date calculation times do not include holidays and weekends <br>Next day shipping and next day air express mail times are calculated only for the continental US 48 countries in the order field *Hawaii, Alaska, US regions and APO/FPO addresses delivery times slightly There are different delivery levels (UPS/FedEx/Post Office) Order processing time: 1~2 business days Shipping time: 2~6 business days (to mailing date).
Second Sky Shipping Second Sky Shipping Order Processing Time: Orders before 12:00 Western Time will be processed on the same day, after 12:00, the next working day Including order processing time.)
Second Sky Shipping Second Sky Shipping order processing time: the previous time is the order before 12:00, on the day of processing, after 12:00 the order will be processed on the next working day. Shipping Time: One business day (calculated by the date of mailing, excluding order processing time).

Overseas or cross-border direct mail calculation

Taiwan to the United States: mailed by DHL express, mainly for direct mail products, provide free shipping for each order over 99 yuan, if it is less than 99 yuan, a fixed postage of US$19.99 will be charged for each order.

U.S. warehouse delivery and Taiwan cross-border direct mail discounts, free shipping discounts on orders over $99 "cannot" be calculated at the same time. Different warehouse delivery will be limited