Shipping and returns related issues

1‧Can I specify the delivery location?

In principle, E-Shopping in North America can deliver to the designated location for you. You can find relevant information on the product description page. If you need outlying island delivery service, please call 1- 800 - 978 - 8990 to contact the customer service staff, and remind you that if you order bulky items, due to the complicated delivery process, we will propose a delivery quotation for you according to your personal needs refer to.

2‧When will I receive the product after placing the order?

All orders, except for special reasons, will be delivered to the home within seven days after the order is confirmed. Check the delivery progress of the items you ordered in the last month, or please call directly 1(800) 978 - 8990 Line for enquiries.

3. What if I haven't received the product for a long time?

Please call1(800) 978-8990 as soon as possible to contact the customer service staff, or click "Contact Us" in the Member Center of North America (, we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

4. What should I do if the goods I receive are defective, not of the same color or size?

If the product you received is defective, the color or size does not match, please call 1(800) 978-8990 as soon as possible to contact the customer service staff, and we will handle the exchange for you.

5‧When will I receive my refund?

If you use "Credit Card Refund", the company will apply for refund with your card issuing bank after confirming that the product has been checked and returned correctly. If you pay by cash, transfer or transfer, please call to apply for a return and leave your personal financial account information. We provide "Fast Refund by Financial Transfer" and remit the refund directly to your bank or post office Account, no need to go to the bank at all.

6‧Can all products be returned?

If the goods or services you purchased are in one of the following situations, no return service will be provided:

  • It is prone to corruption, has a short shelf life or is about to expire upon termination.

  • Customized payment according to consumer requirements.

  • Newspapers, periodicals or magazines.

  • Audio-visual products or computer software that have been unpacked by consumers.

  • Digital content that is not provided in a tangible medium or an online service that is complete once provided is provided with the prior consent of the consumer.

  • Unpacked personal hygiene products.

  • Food and personal care cosmetics, etc.

  • Those who purchased the tour package and confirmed the itinerary