Reward Point Program

Members can get discounts by participating in promotions held by or from time to time.

  1. The discount conditions are subject to valid orders, excluding cancellations and refunds.

  2. After the event is over, it will be reviewed whether the member is eligible for the "Discount Code". After confirming the eligibility for the addition, the "Discount Code" will be remitted to the member's personal account according to the designated adding date for each event.

  3. If the order is subsequently cancelled, the "discount" given by the order will be automatically deducted. If the "discount amount" in the account is insufficient to be deducted, the member must pay to E-Commerce North America in cash.

  4. Members can inquire about the history of your discounts in [Member Center] > [My Account] > [Discount Details].

【Rules for the use of discounts】

  1. 100 points of discount can be converted into 1 USD in cash.

  2. The discounts sent by can only be used when purchasing goods on

  3. Unless there are restrictions on specific products or special events, discounts cannot be combined with coupons or other offers when purchasing products.

  4. Each discount has a different period of use depending on the time of delivery, and all discounts can be accumulated within the validity period; overdue, it will be automatically invalid.

  5. Please read the activity description carefully before participating in the activity to get the discount.

  6. The maximum amount of discount is 20% off the consumption amount of a single product. If the discount is used at checkout, the system will automatically deduct the discount from the discount that is closest to the expiration date. Calculate the available discount and apply it.

  7. Whether the discount is applicable to the products on the website is subject to the display on the checkout page (shopping cart).

  8. Discounts cannot be used for travel, motor vehicles, service tickets, TV shopping products and special products.

  9. Discounts cannot be exchanged for cash, change or other gifts. The discounted amount is limited to the discount amount of the designated product category, and cannot be discounted to the logistics fee, installation processing fee, etc.

  10. North reserves the right to change, modify or terminate this activity. If there is any change, the revised content and agreed terms will be published on North

Rebate and reissue of discount money

  1. After the order cancellation/return of the product purchased with the discounted money, Dongsen will return the discounted money before 12:00 noon on the next day at the latest after the order cancellation/return process is completed. (Example: 104/8/20 , add the discount to 104/08/25, use the discount to deduct the consumption amount on 104/8/21, cancel the order on 104/8/22, the discount will be refunded The post-use period is still 104/08/25).

  2. If the discount date has passed the expiration date, the discount will not be refunded or extended.

Use discount money


【step 1】

  • When you have discounts in your account, if the purchased products are eligible for discounts, the option of "Payment with Discounts" will appear on the shopping cart checkout screen.

【Step 2】

  • Check [Discount Payment], the system will automatically calculate the amount of discount that can be used for you, and display the discounted amount in the "Total Checkout Amount" column.


【Inquiry about discounts】

Members can check the discount information in [Member Center] > [My Account] > [Discount Details].