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Go directly to the seller application interface, apply for an account, and wait for review. After approval, a specialist will contact you to assist you in using the supplier management interface. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.
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    Congratulations, after you receive the order, you need to send the product within 48 hours, and provide the customer mailing tracking number, so that the customer can control the arrival time and date
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      Preparing a package requires the same care as preparing a gift for a relative or friend.

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      After-sales service, 7 -day appreciation period, happy selling, buying with peace of mind, happy selling

      International Mail

      We mainly provide services to Chinese in the United States, and domestic relatives and friends are also within the scope of our services. If we can provide international mailing, please confirm the additional mailing costs and customs duties of the goods.

      Overseas postage

      Relevant tax rate of the country of arrival
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      Talk to your accountant about any sales tax and tax issues.