Payment and ordering questions

1‧What are the payment methods?

You can choose from the following payment methods for ordering items in North America. When you want to check out, tell customer service your payment method of choice.
◎ Paypal

2‧Paying with credit card, what should I pay attention to?

If you pay with a credit card, after the order is established, the authorization cannot be successfully obtained (such as: the validity period is entered incorrectly, the credit card has not been opened, the If you exceed the available quota, high value or incomplete information, etc.) and the customer service staff cannot contact me within three days, your order will be cancelled directly. Please call 1-(800)978 8990 or log in to North America.check the order status and reorder this item.

3‧What should I do when the "Transaction unsuccessful" message appears when the order is completed?

  • Because all our products are sold in limited quantities, when the "Transaction unsuccessful" message appears, you can first use "My Account" (link in new window) to check whether your order information appears on the webpage. You can also choose "Contact Us" (link in new window), "Online Customer Service" (link in new window) or call the customer service hotline at 1(800) 978-8990, and someone will help you to inquire.

  • reserves the right to accept or reject the order at the end, and will notify members separately.

4‧Why can't I receive the order confirmation?

    • The company accepts the order, except that the consumer refuses the order with a legitimate reason within two working days after the order is placed. However, if the consumer has paid, the contract is deemed to be established.
    • Currently, the order confirmation letter is sent only for the orders purchased on the North American E-Shopping website (, when you complete the order on the ETMALL.US/ website, we will send an order confirmation letter to you. e-mail.
    • If you did not receive an order confirmation from there are several possible reasons:
    • Your email address is incorrect or your mailbox is full for successful delivery.
    • The free mailbox provided by the portal website you use may be blocked by the server, resulting in the failure of the mail to be delivered to your mailbox smoothly. It is recommended that you go to my account "Personal Basic Information Modification" to change to another email account.

5‧What is "all items are denominated in US dollars"?

Because the foreign currency exchange rate fluctuates daily with market fluctuations, the actual conversion amount of the goods you ordered is subject to the bill, which may differ slightly from the amount converted on your consumption day.