Payment rules

Payment and ordering issues

In ,  it's easy to pay with the following payment methods to provide you to choose from. When you want to checkout, tell the customer service of your choice of payment method.

◎ Credit card ( VISA, MASTERCARD )

◎ Paypal

With a credit card, you need to pay attention to what it?

If you use a credit card for payment, in order that, after the establishment cannot be successfully obtained authorization, such as a valid period of input error, credit card not open card, has exceeded the available amount, high or incomplete orders, etc., and customer service personnel to three days are unable to contact to himself, will directly to cancel your order. Please call 1-800-978-8990 hotline or log in North America easy to buy check your order status, and re-ordering this product.

When a single is completed, but the emergence of"transaction unsuccessful"message?

We all goods are taken in limited quantities of the sales, when there is a"transaction unsuccessful"message, you can first use the"My Account"(open new window links)to query to your order information on a web page appears. You can also select the"contact us"(opens new window link), the"online customer service"(new window link)or call 1-888-520-9855 customer service hotline, by the person for your query. North America easy to buy retain the last to accept the order or not the right part, and the notice to the member.

Why not receive the order confirmation

The company orders content, in addition to consumer orders after the two business days within the accompanying justification for the refusal to accept the order. But consumers have payments, as the contract was established. Currently the order confirmation is sent only for in North America-available network( consumer orders, when you are in North America easy to purchase to complete the order, we will send a letter to North America-purchase order confirmation letter to your e-mail. If you have not received the North American easy to buy ( / ) the order confirmation, there are several possible reasons: your email address is wrong or the mail box is full and can not be successfully delivered. Your use of the portal provides free mailbox, may be due to the server blocking, the resulting letters can not be successfully delivered to your mail box, it is recommended you to My Account"personal information modification"to modify for other e-mail account.

What is"all the goods to dollars currency denominated"

Due to the currency exchange rate varies with the market fluctuations daily are different, you ordered the goods the actual terms of the amounts in the bill shall prevail, with your consumer, in terms of the amount of the slight gap.